In space, no one can hear you scream

FROM the long uninterrupted single shot at the top of Alfonso Cuarón’s ground-breaking film, you know this is going to be a unique viewing experience.  With a cast of two (one of whom is absent for half of the film), and a pared down plot, we are able to sit back and focus on the artistry of the filming and kaleidoscope of special effects.  George Clooney provides any comedic moments the film has to offer, while Sandra Bullock pulls off understated and intense without becoming self-indulgent.  Carrying the majority of the film alone – this is no mean feat.  The familiarity of both actors gives surreal surroundings a stamp of familiarity for the audience, and much as I like to see unknown actors in lead roles, in this case casting A-List actors works well.  It also helps to get ‘bums on seats’ for what can appear a very limited film at first glance.

As a cinematic event, I heartily recommend the film, and as a story – if you can suspend your disbelief for a few hours, you will definitely enjoy the experience.  As to who, if anyone, makes it back to earth?  Answers on a postcard…


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