IdeasTap Takeover: Podcast

Turn on, tune in and check out our first ever IdeasMag podcast, made by a brilliant team of IdeasTap members at our Takeover: Love festival in February...
Bethany, Sabrina and Inua at The Takeover Festival, Rich Mix, Shoreditch

Lend us your ears! We’ve made a podcast!

This Valentine's Day I was part the Ideas Tap Takeover Festival taking an alternative look at Love... Click on the above link to listen to the podcast we produced. My interview with multi-talented spoken word artists Sabrina Mahfouz and Inua Ellams is at 12:43, and my chat with the Time Out Performer of the Year Scottee, on the last night of critically acclaimed show 'The Worst of Scottee' at the Camden Roundhouse, is at 1:12. Enjoy!

Performer and director Scottee on artistic motivation:
“If anyone wants to be in the arts to be famous, you’re in it for the wrong reason. You should want to be in the arts to change people’s opinions or put questions out there.”
Poet Inua Ellams on starting out:
“I didn’t want to be a poet. I thought they were pretentious. There are a lot of terrible poems in the world. There are more people who write poetry than read it. Initially I wanted to be a painter and I started writing when I couldn’t afford paint.” 


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