Red Carpet Eyebrows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows count as some pretty important valances.
But as facial features go, they are often sorely neglected. I for one have to admit that apart from the odd bit of plucking (frequently undertaken on tubes, trains and busses) and some clear eyebrow gel whacked on at speed in the mornings, my brows get very little attention, and certainly no TLC.
As a little kid my mum cut me a fringe so thick they were completely hidden away. By the start of secondary school I had decided to grow out aforementioned fringe, only to reveal bushy brows, verging on the mono. And when I hit my teens, as is a rite of passage for teenage girls all around the world, I over-plucked to the extreme.
But things are about to change, and in a big way.
I decided to visit the woman Vogue has described as “brow advisor to actresses, models and royalty” - Jenny Jordan - and see if she could set me on the path to brow enlightenment. Or at the very least help my eyes look bigger and my face look thinner. And with a client list boasting Jade Jagger, Devon Akoi and Jodie Kidd, I knew Jenny would have the stamina to deal with my monster brows. And boy were they ripe for a plucking – I didn’t touch them for a month in advance to make sure Jenny had the best possible base to work with.
So I stepped into her Belsize studio to be waxed, plucked and trimmed to perfection, ready for an eyebrow shape to end all others…
Video shot and edited by Logan Irvine-MacDougall
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